Archives 1990-1999

JULY 1990

The Next-Generation Reservation System
Making Sense Out Of Change Management by Donna Campbell
Education by Alan Sadowsky
Can I Help You? by Alan Sadowsky
Well It's About Time by Alan Sadowsky


Changing the Posture of the CRS Industry
Reporting Software Bugs To IBM by Alan Sadowsky
A Day In The Life by Alan Sadowsky
What To Do When The Headhunter Calls by Dianne Edmondson
Bulls Eye! by Alan Sadowsky


Millions Saved In Operations Automation by Jerry Bullard
Investigating The International Market by Dave Hayton
All I Want For Christmas… by Alan Sadowsky


Artificial Intelligence In The TPF World by Phil Adams
TPF User Exits by Alan Sadowsky
Choosing A Competent Recruiter by Dianne Edmondson
Resolution Time by Alan Sadowsky

MARCH 1991

ALCS – IBM's Alternative to TPF by Steve Hobson
TPFQL – Function or Fiction by Salvador Villasenor
Re-Engineering Your System for CASE by Richard Green
What's All The Fuss? by Alan Sadowsky
Tipping the Scales by Alan Sadowsky

MAY 1991

SIPGEN – Creating the TPF System by Alan Sadowsky
Population Control by Bruce Taylor
Live Long And Prosper by Alan Sadowsky

JULY 1991

TPFDF From the Vendors Perspective by David Young
Function Call Overhead in Prisym C/TPF by Dan Evans
Education - InterActive Systems by Matthew Yeager
And to top it off we're having fun! by Alan Sadowsky
Just Follow The Instructions
CCI - Westinghouse Press Release
IBM Announces ALCS Version 2
Amadeus - Up and running


A TPF Testing Approach by Frank Fannon
TPFDF - Part II - A Consultants Perspective by Peter Fischer
Accessing and Modifying TPF Globals in Prism/C by Dan Evans
One Flew Over The Coup Coup's Nest by Alan Sadowsky
Just Follow The Instructions
CR Systems Press Release
DDR Press Release


TPFDF - A User's Perspective by Waseem Majeed
TPF Automation - The Next Step Is Here by Matthew Denman
TPF XA I/O by Michael Cunning
CMSTPF/XA and Source View by Thiru Thirupuvanum
Galileo Triumph in TPF Soccer Showdown by Paul Wysocki
The Tortoise and The Hare by Alan Sadowsky


A Look Into The Future by Misha Kravchenko
ALCS Application Development by Lloyd Hirst
TPF XA I/O Architecture by Michael Cunning
ALCS - What's New In Version 2 by Steve Hobson
Integrating Non-C Functions into C Code by Dan Evans
Predictions for 1992 by Alan Sadowsky

MARCH 1992

Realtime Coverage in the TPF World by Alan Sadowsky
Population Control Update by Bruce Taylor
TPF Performance - An Introduction by Paul Rutti
Is C Dangerous? by Dan Evans
The Myth Of The Lone Gunman by Alan Sadowsky
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
CR Systems Press Release
Galileo and Covia to Merge

MAY 1992

Evaluating C for TPF by Joseph Pellitteri
Consulting - What's In A Name? by Ian Johnson
C Pointer and Array Equivalence by Dan Evans
If I Were King Of The Forest… by Alan Sadowsky
Just Follow The Instructions
CR Systems Press Release
IDG Press Release
IBM Press Release

JULY 1992

TPF Software is a Lifesaver by Ronald Rose
TPF and ESA Architecture by Warren Taylor
TPF Customer Satisfaction Survey
Discontiguous Array Objects by Dan Evans
Happy Birthday One More Time by Alan Sadowsky
SuperVision Press Release
Lanyon Press Release
IBM Press Release


Truth Justice and the American Way by Alan Sadowsky
IBM 10X Efforts
TPF Customer Satisfaction Plan
Two Dimensional Discontiguous Arrays by Dan Evans
It Could Happen To You by Alan Sadowsky
IDG Press Release


TPF Fallback - The Hidden Costs by Norm Laefer
IBM Update
Simulating TPF by Dan Evans
Recruiting 101 - An Introduction by Alan Sadowsky
DDR Press Release
Amdahl Press Release
Gemini Press Release
IDG Press Release


TPF/DC in Concert by Jelle Dijkstra
A Novel Use For CMSTPF by Cliff Adams
Configuration Planning For TPF DASD by Norm Laefer
Happy New Year 1993 by Alan Sadowsky
Stardate 1993 by Alan Sadowsky

MARCH 1993

IE and CASE Tools by T. Kolton & C. Fogelsong
Cheer Up Chaps by Bruce Taylor
ALCS - A Permanent Guest at Westin Hotels by Ron Rose
Function Pointers by Dan Evans
Editorial Commentary by Alan Sadowsky

MAY 1993

Does TPF Have A Future? by Dan Evans
With C in TPF – Strings by Dan Evans
TPF C Language Education by Matthew Yeager
Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later by Alan Sadowsky
AirUK Press Release
DDR Press Release
IDG Press Release
IBM Press Release

JULY 1993

The Mainframe Is Dead by Chris Hunt
TPF/MVS - The Next Stage
Amdahl Education - In A Class By Itself by Alan Sadowsky
Worldspan Press Release


Change Management For The TPF Environment by Frank Fannon
Tool Time by Alan Sadowsky
The Worldspan Data Center
Guest Editorial by William Spilman


Announcing TPF 4.1
VFA Tuning Experience - ALCS V2 by Geoff Lowry
Their Finest Hour by Alan Sadowsky
DDR Press Release


To DPR or not to DPR: Is that the question? by Norm Laefer
Reservations under UNIX – You're Kidding by Bruce Taylor
IBM Mainframes Outperform OLTP Competition
One Hundred Percent Availability by Alan Sadowsky

MARCH 1994

SQL/TA: A RDBM System for TPF by Keith Duffy & Thom Kolton
TPFDF: A Database Management Perspective by Waseem Majeed
The Tape Robots Are Coming! by J. Errol Smit

MAY 1994

Diagramming Tools for TPF by Jeff Robinson
TPF4.1 Today by Frank Hulscher
Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself by Alan Sadowsky

JULY 1994

Much Ado About LU6.2 by Mark Gambino
TPF4.1 Today: The Life and Times of a Program by Frank Hulscher
TPF Database Integrity by Waseem Majeed
I'm Sorry but What's TPF? by Alan Sadowsky


What's New With SNA by Mark Gambino
TPF4.1: The Last Remake of FARF Addressing by Frank Hulscher
Small Scale Big Impact – The Evolution of a Library by Fay Mills
Visual TPF: Diagramming Tools for TPF Part II by Jeff Robinson
Marketing TPF: Have I Got A Deal For You by Alan Sadowsky


And NAU a SLU of Problems Go Away by Mark Gambino
Why Are You Sending Me So Many Tapes? by Bill Supon
Beating the TPF Softcopy Blues by Laura Underhill
It's Enough To Make You Sick by Alan Sadowsky


TPF Fast Link Mechanism by Dave Skirzenski
If You're Not Part of the Solution by Alan Sadowsky

MARCH 1995

Testing Today With SNA by Mark Gambino
Running TPF on IBM S/390 Parallel Servers by Bill Cohen
Diagramming Tools for TPF: Part III by Jeff Robinson
It Sure Looks Like Things Are Getting Better by Alan Sadowsky

MAY 1995

The Sysplex Timer (Intro) by Bill Supon
Why AD/Cycle C? by Rick Reynolds
A New C Implementation for TPF by Bill Ashby
In The Blink of an Eye by Alan Sadowsky

JULY 1995

AD Development and Testing on the PC by Chris Hunt
Diagramming Tools for TPF: Part IV by Jeff Robinson
Phooey on GUI by Alan Sadowsky


TPF Is Strategic by Len Pelletiere
An Interview with John W. Kirklin M.D. by Alan Sadowsky
IBM/UAB Computerized Patient Records by Roger Rogers
Just Think of the Potential by Alan Sadowsky


SNAducation by Mark Gambino
An Interview with Tom Flynn and Jim Peters by Alan Sadowsky
Where's My C Applications Programming Guide? by Al Brajnikoff
All I Want for Christmas… by Alan Sadowsky


The Development Revolution by Frank Clark
Lights Out at Federal Express by Alan Sadowsky
Business Continuance Planning by Jim Ward
EMC Press Release
DDR Press Release

MARCH 1996

Interview With Harvey Showyin
Population Control – Revisited by Bruce Taylor
Is TPF Ready For A CASE Tool? by Jeff Robinson
Vote and Vote Often by Alan Sadowsky
DDR Press Release

MAY 1996

A White Paper for ALCS Users by Emir Garza
TPF Visual Workshop by Jeff Robinson
The Emperor's New Clothes by Alan Sadowsky
DDR Press Release

JULY 1996

Dear Mr. Fantasy Play Us A Tune by Mark Gambino
What Is On Program Update Tape (PUT) 4? by Katie Milhaven
A Faster and Safer RECOUP by Anita Cheung & John Tarby
Just A Typical Weekend In July by Alan Sadowsky
Mid-Atlantic Systems Press Release
DDR Press Release


Online Transaction Processing by Thom Kolton
An Introduction To TPF Socket Programming by Dan Yee
To Sleep Perchance To Dream by Alan Sadowsky


The 10 SNA Commandments by Mark Gambino
Captain's Log: Stardate Y2000 by Robert Small
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by Alan Sadowsky


When There's Never Enough Time by Walter Ruppe & Rose Pozomke
Where Do I Find… by Katie Milhaven
Some Rise Some Climb Some Fall… by Mark Gambino
A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste by Alan Sadowsky

MARCH 1997

Console Automation 101 by Alan Sadowsky
Do What I Mean Not What I Say by Mark Gambino
Wanted: Application Requestor With Dynamic… by John Tarby
Just Like Peas In A Pod by Alan Sadowsky

MAY 1997

Console Automation 101 - Part II by Alan Sadowsky & Chris Haag
A Fear Of Relationships by Thom Kolton
A Faster DBR but… by Anita Cheung & Dan Yee
An Interview With Jerrie Stewart by Jeff Robinson
Knock knock knockin' on Heaven's Gate by Alan Sadowsky

JULY 1997

Honey I Shrunk The Mainframe by Thom Kolton
The Wrath Of CONN by Mark Gambino
“C” What A Difference A Myth Can Make by Jeff Robinson
But Will You Love Me Tomorrow? by Alan Sadowsky
DDR Press Release


Channel Surfing Is Not A Sport by Mark Gambino
The Straight Story About SPM's by Rob Dunn
When Business Users Drive Technology Issues by Thom Kolton
Is The TPF World Ready For The Year 2000? by Jeff Robinson
Selling TPF - All It Really Takes Is Teamwork by Alan Sadowsky


The Future Of Online Transaction Processing by Jeff Robinson
VisualAge TPF For Windows NT
The TPF Super Web Server Solution
Selling TPF - It's Elementary Watson by Alan Sadowsky
DDR Press Release
SABRE Press Release


What's On Program Update Tape (PUT) 7? by Thomas Brocker
Massaging Message Measuring… by Mark Gambino
IBM Announces C Language Publication Changes by Ellen Smyth & Tom Brocker
1998 Holiday Schedule by Kathy Dunn
TPF Support of Cisco 7500 Series Routers by Dan Yee
It Can Be Sweet Or Just Plain Nuts by Alan Sadowsky
EMC Ships Landmark 2000th SRDF License
1998 Spring TPF Users Group Conference

MARCH 1998

An Interview (?) with Bjarne Stoustrup
TPF Persistent Collections Support by Michele Dalbo & Daniel Jacobs
Object Oriented Design in TPF by Jeff Robinson
Bigger Isn't Always Better by Alan Sadowsky
Bedford Associates Press Release

MAY 1998

The New RECOUP - Part I
Collections Corner by Michele Dalbo & Daniel Jacobs
Klatu Verada Nikto by Alan Sadowsky

JULY 1998

Collections Corner by Michele Dalbo & Daniel Jacobs
The New RECOUP - Part II
Just Another Adventure In Moving by Alan Sadowsky
The Stronghold Web Server Press Release


The New RECOUP - Part III
Program Abstraction Techniques and the Y2K Problem by Doron A. Friedman
And Now A Word From Our Sponsor by Alan Sadowsky


Code Analyzer For TPF by Jeff Robinson
Collection Corner by Michele Dalbo & Daniel Jacobs
A Post Card From Miami Beach by Waseem Majeed
To Seek Out New Life and Boldly Go... by Alan Sadowsky


Collection Connection by Michele Dalbo & Daniel Jacobs
The TPF Applications Programmer of the Future by Jim Tison
Tornado by Patrick O'Connor
Networking Goes Wholesale by Mark Gambino
The "Why?" Files by Alan Sadowsky
DDRI Press Release

MARCH 1999

A Star Is Born
An e-Business Update by Stu Waldron
Init'ing The File System by Ellen Smyth & Barry Goldberg
Moving From BAL to "C" by Jeff Robinson
The "Why-Files" by Alan Sadowsky

MAY 1999

Collection Connection by Michele Dalbo & Daniel Jacobs
Moving From BAL to "C" - Part II by Jeff Robinson
The Boob Tube'99 - Just Think About It by Alan Sadowsky

JULY 1999

ALCS Tuning by Geoff Lowry
Airline TPF Centricity by Bruce Taylor
Moving From BAL to "C" - Part III by Jeff Robinson
Getting GUI by Ed Jordan
From The Desk of The Editor's Wife by Ronda Sadowsky
A Perfect "10" (years)! by Alan Sadowsky


TPF Collection Support by Michele Dalbo & Albert Paladino
Migrating To "C" From Assembler by Doron Friedman
Adapting Is The Key To Integration New Product Introduction
The Origins of RECOUP by Tim Burnham
Mind Control or Gun Control by Alan Sadowsky


Relieving Operational Constraints by Ian Worthington
Moving From Assembler to "C" by Jeff Robinson
TPF I/O Performance Tuning by Mark Grasso
Have Your Passport Ready For Inspection by Mark Gambino
Just Build A Better Mouse Trap by Alan Sadowsky