SUNNYVALE, Calif., September 5, 1992 - Amdahl Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IBM plug-compatible mainframe processors, has selected the Automated Console Expert (ACE) software system from Diversified Data Resources (DDR) as Amdahl's product of choice for TPF, MVS and VM automated console operations, it was announced here today by Tom Flynn, manager for Amdahl Corporation in the Pacific Basin.

ACE is the only true automated console management system giving TPF users seamless inter-system communication to MVS and VM operating systems (including Netview support) with one console interface to multiple hosts according to George Faucher, vice-president of Diversified Data Resources. ACE software runs on any IBM or plug compatible 386/486 or PS/2 computer.

"Our customers in the Pacific Basin have been looking for a product like ACE that provides a migration path across MVS, VM and TPF," said Flynn. "ACE has the tools necessary to automate the entire enterprise network and DDR, with ten years experience in this industry, has provided excellent support."

Amdahl will remarket, support and provide onsite training and installation of ACE initially in the Pacific Basin, including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Australia and other Pacific sites. Faucher said the agreement also allows Amdahl to extend its marketing and support anywhere in the world, and will cover installations with IBM mainframes as well as Amdahl hosts.

Among the customer services Amdahl will provide are 3215 to 3270 conversion at any installation and training in advanced automated operations, including classes in the high-level XPROC procedural language developed by DDR as the automation portion of ACE. XPROC provides unprecedented control over the TPF environment, which previously had lacked the automated operations tools available with other operating systems.

ACE combines console management and true unattended automated operations management in one product, along with expert system capabilities, providing users with a single interface across TPF, MVS and VM.

ACE is currently operating at major TPF sites in the airline and banking industries today. With support for mainstream MVS and VM operating systems, the potential user base for ACE is expected to expand dramatically.

For further information contact:

George Faucher, vice-president
Diversified Data Resources
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