Mid-Atlantic Systems Design Corp., based in Baltimore, Maryland, has announced the development of the first relational database management system (RDBMS) designed to run in native mode on IBM's Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) operating system. TPF is the primary operating system used for high-volume OLTP by industries such as airline, hospitality, and banking.

Code-named Greyhound, this RDBMS will permit access to a TPF database using Structured Query Language (SQL) based on the latest ANSI/ISO compliant SQL2 syntax standard. In addition to basic data manipulation functions, features include domain and referential integrity, data security, cross-platform communication, support for triggers and user-defined business rules, and a cost-based optimizer.

In addition to SQL statements embedded within application programs, Greyhound also permits end users to access the database directly through SQL commands entered from a keyboard. Direct computer-to-computer communication is accomplished using ODBC drivers.

Says Thom Kolton, President of MASD Corp., "This is the first database product which addresses a fundamental problem in TPF: non-standard database access. With this product, both programmers and end users alike can access TPF data through simple SQL commands, and TPF can exchange data with any ODBC compliant platform. Finally, mission-critical information is available to those who need it."

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