Diversified Data Resources introduces: ACE Internet/Intranet Monitor

Monitor and automate recovery of all internal and external Intranet/Internet Servers from one workstation!

Companies everywhere are beginning or already using Internet/Intranet servers for distributing information and Email throughout their organizations. As they grow and become dependent on this service, it becomes essential that these servers remain as close to 100% available as possible. This is a perfect application for ACE. Prodigy is monitoring all of their web servers from ACE and say it is the easiest way to monitor and automate UNIX.

ACE Intranet/Internet monitors all Internet/Intranet servers' messages activity from one workstation and can perform all recovery functions automatically via a telnet session. Using ACE's unique integrated high-speed GUI Database, users can target system and application messages for ACE to monitor and automatically respond to or run a set of rules, a script or procedure, written in REXX, C or XPROCs (ACE's integrated user friendly language). No complex agent deployment is necessary with ACE, which means that ACE can be up and running immediately and inexpensively, as opposed to other possible solutions which require expensive hardware and agent deployment on all servers to be monitored. ACE will monitor system and application messages, CPU utilization, DASD utilization, Cache utilization percentage, Error and Deferred Queue's, Thresholds, Applications etc... and automatically take action to correct the problem without operator intervention. This can avert a system outage or bring it up quicker if it does go down. ACE may alert an operator by voice via a PC sound card, sending a message to another workstation or even page someone to alert them of the situation.

To receive information on how ACE can help get a handle on your Internet/Intranet monitoring, call or Email:

George Faucher
Phone 1-800-233-DDRI (3374) extension 221
1-415-898-8282 extension 221
FAX: 1-415-898-7331