Predictions for 1992

Well kids, we've managed to make it through another year, and as we venture into 1992 we're once again faced with that time honored tradition of New Year Resolutions and New Year Predictions. Having traversed many a New Year myself, I took a few moments to reflect on all of those resolutions I've made over the years. The truth of the matter is, I can't recall a single resolution I made that I've actually kept. With that harsh reality staring me in the face, I quickly made a management decision and considered the realm of prediction. And why not? It's a pretty big cosmos out there, and there's certainly room for one more visionary!

So with deference to the likes of Jean Dixon, Nostradamus, Karnak the Magnificent, and Sister Juanita (Psychic Readings and Nail Emporium), here are my predictions for 92:

To all of my friends, associates, and fellow ACP/TPF/ALCS professionals... Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and rewarding 1992.

Alan Sadowsky