Just Follow The Instructions

Just as we suspected, the rush to fame and glory has started! The thousands of phone calls and letters we received (all right, so we only got two) from people with additions to our list of Assembler instructions has been overwhelming. It is with great pride and fanfare that we induct:

Pat Durban (Worldspan) and Karl Soliday (American Airlines)

into the Instruction Hall Of Fame for their humorous contributions. Along with the addition of their names to the Hall Of Fame Roster, these individuals are also entitled to all of the rights and privileges commensurate with their position of honor. We're not quite sure exactly what those are yet, but when we figure it out, we'll let the rest of you know.

ASM - Alphabetize, Starting in Middle

BBW - Branch Both Ways

BTNI - Branch To Nowhere Immediate

CNC - Close, No Cigar

DMPE - Decide to Major in Phys. Ed.

EAO - Execute in Any Order

EEOI - Execute Every Other Instruction

GFM - Go Forth and Multiply

LPA - Lead Programmer Astray

MLR - Move and Lose Record

PMI - Perform Magic Immediately

RASC - Read and Shred Card

ROC - Randomize Op Codes

RPM - Read Programmer's Mind

SAS - Sit and Spin

SSD - Seek and Scratch Disk

TDB - Transfer and Drop Bits