ACE Software First to Offer Automated Operations for MVS, VM and TPF

Unique ACE system provides true automated operations Identical commands for MVS, VM and TPF Inter-system communications, plus Net-View support

NOVATO, Calif., Sept 30, 1992 -- Diversified Data Resources' Automated Console Expert (ACE) automated console management software system, the first such product to encompass full support for automated operations across MVS, VM and TPF, can save users tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars by offering a single platform solution for the complete ENTERPRISE network, it was announced here today by George Faucher, vice president of software sales.

Diversified Data Resources (DDR), with ten years experience in the demanding ACP/TPF environment, said ACE eliminates the need to buy automated console management systems for each operating system. Console management systems for MVS, VM and TPF each can reach into six figures said the company.

"IBM's recent announcements about communications with tightly-coupled hosts spurred our design team to create an automation package that gives users seamless integration across the major operating systems," said Faucher. "The language used with ACE initially for TPF works with all operating systems, a significant benefit to operators as well as systems personnel."

When a TPF operating system requires a number of tapes to be allocated from MVS, that request can be made to ACE, which is connected to both TPF and MVS," said Faucher. "ACE will request the tapes from MVS and allocate them back to TPF; with ACE, users get a complete communications link between like and unlike operating systems"

Users also gain several advantages because ACE runs on PS/2 computers or 386/486 PCs. No special boards, cables, controllers, communications software or microcode need be purchased or changed when software is upgraded. This eliminates dependence of proprietary hardware and microcode, as well as associated maintenance costs for such equipment.

ACE brings true "lights out" automated operations to console management. Previous generation systems required operators to be present at all times. But with ACE, Faucher said, users can program and implement expert system rules in the ACE data base; consequently, the need for operator intervention is reduced significantly.

Faucher said ACE eliminates system downtime because users can program it in advance on how to react to various situations. Programs are written in a high-level Expert System Procedural language (XPROC), which uses powerful ACE data base capabilities. Users can access ACE via remote PCs on a LAN or dial-up from home, with complete support for system level security. TPF has heretofore lacked the automation development tools available for MVS and VM.

Moreover, ACE features a built-in voice synthesizer that reduces system failures by automating, and verbalizing, message response and notification. Among the key benefits users derive from ACE are these:

Privately owned, Diversified Data Resources has provided console management systems for the ACP/TPF industry for more than ten years. The firm is headquartered in Novato, California. For further information contact:

George Faucher, vice-president
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