Well it's about time!

That was the overwhelming response I heard from people when I told them I was putting together a newsletter just for folks in the ACP/TPF world. How many of you have been met with blank stares when you mention ACP/TPF to an "outsider"? How many times have people laughed at you when you try to talk about a transaction rate of 1000+ messages a second coupled with a three second response time? How many friends and relatives think you have a learning disorder because you only read Computerworld from the back to the front?

Well those days are over! ACP·TPF Today is written for people in the industry, by people in the industry. Published every other month, each issue will contain a myriad of information ranging from technical articles, to product reviews, to current events ... all specific to the ACP/TPF arena.

Aside from those things most people come to expect in newsletters of this type, we're going to occasionally take a slightly unconventional approach with some topics, and hopefully bring a smile to a few faces. I'm counting on you to send in your questions, suggestions, articles, and comments. This is your newsletter! We're going to do our best to give you a quality product, and we want to say thanks for your interest and support.

If you don't see what you want...
Most newsletters and magazines offer a "Letters To The Editor" column where readers can have their comments printed, or in many cases, have their questions answered. ACP·TPF Today takes no exception to that opportunity, and welcomes your comments and suggestions. Let us know what you want to see in future issues, and as soon as our crack technical staff makes it back from Dunkin' Donuts, they'll respond to your requests. The point I'm trying to make, is that I don't want you to limit yourselves to just the serious stuff. If you have a "war story" to tell, an experience you would like to share, an enhancement you would like to see, let us hear from you! ACP·TPF Today will make every effort to print your letters, but does reserve the right to refuse publication of any correspondence considered to be inappropriate, controversial, or proprietary in nature.

Money, money, money
That's the one thing you don't need in order to subscribe to ACP·TPF Today! We're offering FREE (can you believe it?) one year subscriptions to any and all who complete one of the enclosed postage paid (what a deal!) postcards, and drops it in the mail to us. If for some reason you can't find the postcards, or someone else has already beat you to them, drop us a note with your name, address, title, and (strictly optional) shoe size. Sorry, you've got to spring for the postage.

Alan Sadowsky