Press Release

Clearly, 1993 has been the most significant year for users of DDR's ACE Enterprise Automation System. ACE became the industry leader in TPF Automation, as DDR installed more systems than all of our competitors combined. We have also installed several version of ACE for MVS, VM and NETVIEW. The "grand design" as it were has been to provide our customers with a true total enterprise automation system,. This has been achieved with ACE support for TPF, ALCS, MVS VM, NETVIEW, NetMaster and ASCII host (DEC, Stratus, Tandem etc.).

October 12th was a special day as DDR held our first ACE Strategic Planning Session and formed the ACE Users Group. Our thanks to the twenty four person who attended. With the knowledge base that's being assembled, there's sure to be strong beneficial synergy among the dozens of ACE user group members focusing on similar issues and sharing their experiences. Al Sadowsky of Federal Express in Memphis, Tennessee and Dan Clark of Action Data Services in St. Louis, Missouri, were elected as the first ACE User Group executive committee.

Our initial user group meeting will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area during the first week of March, 1994. We anticipate a two-day program that will begin on Monday and Tuesday; it will be followed by three one-day ACE training seminars on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the same week. We believe this schedule will allow those who wish to attend both events to do so at a significant saving in time and expense. Agendas and class descriptions for the ACE seminars will be published and sent to each ACE user very soon. We're expecting a very large turnout and hope you will register early.

For more details, please call 1-800-233-3374 and ask for ACE user group information.