The Danish communications copmany CR Systems A/S has published its 1991 annual report. Net income was 5.3 million Danish kroner and the revenue was 69.5 million kroner. This represents an increase of 18 percent. Managing director Jorgen Hog describes the results as very satisfactory.

Export, primarily to the USA, accounted for 98 percent of the revenue. In November 1991, CR Systems launched its new IT-Router (Intelligent Transaction Router) product line. The IT-Routers are currently marketed for applications like multi-protocol gateways for local area networks.

The IT-Routers have an open architecture. They are based on the EISA-bus and support processors like Intel's i486 as well as RISC processors. In the course of 1992, the IT-Routers will also become an integral part of CR Systems' high performance, fault-tolerant network processors, that support channel attachment for IBM-compatible MVS/VM and TPF mainframes.

CR Systems produces open, highly reliable data communications products which are primarily marketed to airlines and major banks.

For further information on the CR Systems product line please contact: CR Systems A/S