NOVATO, Calif., October 24, 1997 -- Diversified Data Resources, Inc. announces Microsoft Windows NT support for the ACE Enterprise Automation System. Enterprises will now enjoy a greater choice of operating system platforms for ACE Automation and ACE benefits will be available to a wider customer base. ACE customers, such as American Express, VISA, Holiday Inns and Federal Express, enjoy ACE's ability to maximize availability of mission critical system through the use of ACE automation. General availability for the Windows NT version is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 1998.

"With this release, we introduce ACE support for enterprise automation using JAVA in addition to our other supported languages,” according to George Faucher, Vice President of Diversified Data Resources. "The benefit is a common automation language for all computing platforms.” ACE supports automation for many operating systems including MVS, TPF, VSE, VM, and UNIX. ACE is an outboard product that enables seamless intersystem automation between dissimilar operating systems deployed across the enterprise. Using ACE's console consolidation feature, operators can see activity happening on all host consoles. ACE runs on standard Intel or Intel compatible PC's and is easily installed and configured.

“ACE provides true unattended automated operations management in one product.” Faucher said, “ACE automation significantly reduces or even eliminates operator intervention.” Users define expert system rules in the ACE database and write advanced automation scripts in Java, REXX, C, or the specialized ACE high-level Expert System Procedural language (XPROC).

ACE users benefit from these ACE features:

For companies with intranet or Internet requirements, the ACE/Internet option automates the monitoring and remote management of Internet servers from a central and secure location. ACE/Internet users enjoy the following features: