CR Systems Introduces Intelligent Transaction Routers

CR SYSTEMS is introducing a family of Intelligent Transaction Routers (IT ROUTERS). The ITRouters integrate different types of communication products into a single cohesive network. ITRouters provide a truly open system environment by routing many kinds of data through public and private networks - and through dedicated communications circuits as well.

The ITRouters have built-in network management facilities that enable them to be managed both locally and remotely. This benefit improves both availability and reliability.

A Wide Variety of Applications
ITRouters can be used in a variety of applications. For example, ITRouters can be used as:

Major Features
The initial release of ITRouters supports the following:

- Token Ring 16/4
- Ethernet
- ALC/IPARS protocol support
- SNA/SDLC protocol support
- Transparent PU Type 2.1 support
- CCITT X.25 support
- QLLC AX25 support
- Line speeds up to 64,000 bps
- User controlled host switching
- Extensive local and remote Network Management facilities
- Easy migration from terminal environments to LANs

The XU1100, XU4100 & XU4200 ITRouters are based on Intel 80x86 processors. They are available with different processors and expansion capabilities.

The low-end product, XU1100, supports up to 6 lines, and the high-end XU4100 and XU4200 supports up to 40 lines and 2 LAN's. The XU1100 and XU4100 are delivered with the DOS operating system, and the XU4200 and the SCO UNIX operating system.

Prices and Availability
The prices for the XU1100 start at USD 3,900 and for the XU4100 as USD 11,000. Both models are presently available. The XU4200 will be on the market in May, 1992, and the prices will start at USD 16,000.

Planned Enhancements
In the future, new releases of ITRouters will also support Low Entry Networking (LEN) for SNA, LU6.2 API's, line speeds up to T1, and high-speed network transmission via frame relay.

Further Information
For more information, contact:

USA- Klaus Akselsen - tel. (800) 732 3664
Europe- Erik Jensen - tel. +45 44 66 11 44