CCI and Westinghouse Agreement

Computer Communications, Inc. (CCI) President, Raymond E. High, announced that an Agreement has been finalized with the Information Services Division of Westinghouse Electric Canada.

Under the terms of the three year Agreement, CCMM has agreed to sell Westinghouse on a non-exclusive basis, its full range of DATA EXPRESS TM Communications Processor products. These products will be integrated with the existing Westinghouse wide range of communications products and marketed under the Westinghouse label to end-user customers within the airline, travel, and hospitality reservations markets both domestically and internationally.

The airline reservation markets have served as CCMM's largest single market segment over the past decade with CCMM's processors controlling approximately 70% of all domestic airline reservations. Westinghouse currently has significant world-wide presence within these markets and the combined technologies of CCMM and Westinghouse should enhance their current market positions.

The Company in its twenty-fifth year, is a leading independent producer of equipment and systems which are an integral part of high-speed data communications networks serving a broad spectrum of users.