Tulsa Welcomes Interface Design Group

Since its move last fall to centrally located Tulsa, Oklahoma, Interface Design Group, IDG, Inc. has expanded so rapidly that it is now negotiating to build a new plant at a larger site in Tulsa. The new facility will allow for ample future expansion.

Relocation to Tulsa, with its major airline base, has allowed the eight year old company to acquire several new employees experienced in the industry. With the combination of the staff relocating from California and the new personnel and enhanced skill sets obtained locally, IDG has positioned itself for future growth and the continuation of excellent service.

IDG is known for its SuperVision software package, which has the largest installed base in TPF systems of console automation packages. SuperVision 3 is a state-of-the-art software package which simplifies and enhances the operation of TPF systems, by utilization of a LAN architecture, programmability, and ease of use features.

Introduction of LAN architecture to console management allows many new capabilities for the customer:

  1. console use from remote LAN locations
  2. bridges merging data center operations
  3. instant visibility for problem resolution by Coverage programmers, via their own coverage consoles
  4. greater flexibility and control over distributed systems
  5. automatic upload of console logs to mainframe systems

Automation and programming of the console management system is accomplished by easy to use macros and scripts in a REXX-like language according to user defined requirements. System uptime and reliability is improved by programmed operator responses. The more sophisticated user can make use of a user exit that allows use of such artificial intelligence languages as LISP, OBJECT LEVEL 5, and PROLOG.

Use of color message coding, pop-up windows, programmed function keys, and up to four host access per screen contribute to the overall ease of use and friendly feel of the product.

Other product offerings include a solid state DASD, and a Channel-to-Channel communications device. For additional information contact Terry Moore in Tulsa at (918) 234-9200.