Just Think Of The Potential

We've chosen to make the focus of this issue the IBM/UAB project which is taking place in Birmingham, Alabama for several reasons. First of all, it's exciting. Secondly, it represents (once again) IBM's commitment to TPF, and finally there is the potential. I won't bore you by repeating the details, but I do encourage you all to read the articles about the project, and consider how this effort might affect your own systems and applications. The advent of TPF-based Object-Oriented applications has the overwhelming potential of reshaping the way we do business today... in a very positive way.

From a marketing perspective (which has always been a personal crusade of mine), the Birmingham project offers the opportunity to open hundreds of doors to new TPF systems at medical facilities all over the world. With no pun intended, it would be the shot in the arm so many of us have been looking for, and has the potential to move TPF right into the technology spotlight. But I'm not going to dwell on UAB right now. Let's get back to potential.

In mid-October, the TPF User Group will be meeting in Phoenix, Arizona for the Fall 1995 Conference. Here's yet another gathering of TPF professionals who's contributions have vast potential. Attendance at the User Group Conferences has been good, and the progress that has come out of past meetings is certainly evident in the TPF4. 1 product of today, and that which is being developed and is yet to come. I can't stress how important it is for every shop to be represented at the TUG, and how important everyone's participation really is. Next topic...

Jeff Robinson has been a contributing author in ACP·TPF Today for the past year or so. His articles on Diagramming Tools and Structure Charts for TPF have filled a void that very few people chose to concern themselves with. But Jeff is a visionary. And Jeff recognized the potential to fill that void, and at the same time share his efforts with the rest of the TPF community. The response to his free utility program offer in the July issue (to create TPF structure charts) has been outstanding. Not only are the reviews and comments positive, but the suggestions for enhancements and upgrades are also a very significant sign of the potential that Jeff's utility has. (Wait till you see what he's offering in the November issue!).

On a sadder note, it recently came to my attention that Jim Lang (Citibank) passed away suddenly in August. A lot of potential has been lost with his passing, and he will be missed by his friends and colleagues.

And finally.... what would an issue of ACP·TPF Today be without a plug for ourselves. When we first started publishing 5 years ago, there was no doubt about the potential we had. Those of you that have been subscribers over the years have seen our Career Corner grow from 2-3 ads, to 8-10 pages of ads. What I'm getting at is the potential that each and every one of those recruitment ads has. While I don't have hard numbers I can share with you, there's no doubt that a substantial number of TPF and ALCS folks have found new positions or made important career choices based on the advertising that has appeared in our publication. It's recognized by our readers, and our advertisers, who continue to come to us first. Our mix of articles has grown as well, and the depth of technical information gets better with every issue.

We are always looking for contributions from new authors. If you have an area of expertise you would like to write about, or would just like to comment about something we've already printed (or something you would like to see printed), give us a call. And don't worry about your ability to write. It's your potential we're interested in. The rest comes easy.

Alan Sadowsky