And to top it off, we're having fun!

Those of you that know me, are well aware that I am rarely at a loss for words. With this being our first "anniversary" issue, I've struggled with several potential topics for this editorial, hoping to find the right words to sum up the efforts of the past twelve months. In a nutshell, I've narrowed the field to three specific items ... Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

First and foremost, I want to say thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to contribute an article, a letter, a caption, or a suggestion for us to publish. Without the generous efforts of these people, it is certain that ACP/TPF Today would not be as diverse in content and significance as it is. With a great deal of respect, I would like to acknowledge their past contributions:

Ron Aaronson, Phil Adams, Glen Austin, Jerry Bullard, Donna Campbell, Derryl Coleman, Dan Evans, Dianne Edmondson, Richard Green, Greg Hammer, Dave Hayton, Steve Hobson, Harvey Showyin, Bruce Taylor, Salvador Villasenor, Matthew Yeager.

It goes without saying that if our advertising didn't come in as well as it did, this would be our last issue. We took a pretty big chance in offering free one year subscriptions, but we felt that it was the best way to get the readership established within the TPF community. With over $5000 per issue in start-to-finish expenses, it was our advertisers who carried us through the past year, and made it possible for us to get ACP/TPF Today into your hands. With great appreciation, our thanks go out to:

TPF Software, Inc., AMRIS Travel Services Division, Hestair Computer Group, Saxon & Associates, COVIA, Prisym, Inc., ACP, Inc. / TPF, Inc., Worldspan, Amadeus Global Travel Distribution, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Bedford Associates, Inc., TPF International, Inc., Galileo Centre Europe, ICON Computer Resources, Ltd., Diversified Data Resources, Inc., Omnikron Systems, Inc., Federal Express Corp.

The reality of the situation is that ACP/TPF Today is a success. With only six issues in print, more than 50% of the TPF community reads the publication, and likes what they see. There has never been a place for the TPF professional to turn to for news, product information, technical articles, training schedules, or career opportunities. At least until now!

Our goal for the next six issues is to continue to improve the quality of the product, offer a greater selection of articles and features, and build a larger and stronger subscription base throughout the world. In twelve short months, ACP/TPF Today has become the voice of the TPF industry. It is the one place where your opinions and concerns, as well as your suggestions and complaints can be voiced freely. I invite and encourage you to play an active part in YOUR industry.

What else can you do to help? Very simply, two things. First, spread the word. Tell your friends and colleagues about ACP/TPF Today, and if they haven't seen a copy yet, ask them to give us a call, and we'll send them a complimentary issue to look over for themselves. Second, send in your renewal payment when you receive your notice in the mail. Let's all have a very good year!

Alan Sadowsky