Education - InterActive Systems International Inc.
by Matthew Yeager

What if all your TPF/XA coverage and systems personnel, especially the new programmers, had an additional seven years of systems experience? Would it help on that long weekend, when the system goes down and only junior personnel are on site?

The Best Of All Possible Worlds
In the best case scenario, your information systems would always be designed by experienced and knowledgeable personnel, their development would always be timely, and once implemented they would always function properly.

When information systems fail to meet business objectives, the fault lies in an imperfection in one of the above. ISI can advance your company toward the best of all possible worlds by providing effective technical training for those working with Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) software.

In all probability, the more training and knowledge TPF/XA personnel have, the less your computer system will be offline. Effective training will reduce downtime by providing quicker debugging and more simply designed programs.

IBM's release of the Extended Architecture (XA) version of TPF has bolstered the complexity with which today's programmers and support personnel must deal. New and innovative training products are needed to sustain current knowledge and skill levels of an otherwise qualified staff.

TPF/XA Systems and Coverage Programmer Training
ISI specializes in systems and coverage programmer training. Our systems experience is extensive and includes programming experience with a variety of hardware and software configurations.

Our coverage courseware originated six years ago as a TPF problem analysis worksheet to teach coverage personnel how to solve systems problems quickly. The worksheet quickly grew into a detailed TPF coverage programming course. It was immediately evident that the program was beneficial to systems and application personnel as well, since learning how to solve systems problems teaches how the system works, software trouble shooting, and TPF hardware architecture.

Now completely redesigned for TPF/XA, ISI trained personnel come from the program at a high technical and reasoning level, and thereby improve the entire system, by using their new understanding of the system as a whole.

After five years of observation, a level of competence for the seventh year systems programmer has been established. The ISI graduate with no previous TPF systems experience, will enter your workforce at that level. Programmers previously experienced in TPF, will reenter your workforce with the equivalent of seven years additional experience.

TPF C/370 Language Education
Our C language experience and courseware materials predate the implementation of C in TPF. So although C is new to TPF, we feel uniquely qualified to provide effective C language education for the TPF environment. C can be a difficult language and common C bugs are often difficult to identify and resolve. Effective C education is critical to the successful implementation of C in TPF.

While ISI's C language courseware is seasoned with extensive exercises, student text and helpful hints, other companies have advertised C language courses before their availability. Companies can protect themselves from an eventual runaround by evaluating sample course materials before scheduling C language training.

The TPF Database Facility (TPFDF)
ISI is an IBM business partner providing quality TPF educational services worldwide. In association with IBM England and Fischer Informatik, ISI provides TPFDF courses to the TPF community. This innovative endeavor by IBM insures the customer of obtaining consistent and effective education for the TPFDF product. Participation is by invitation only and ISI is proud to be a part of this exciting program.

Previously available as a TPF add on (ACPDB or TPFDB), IBM has integrated the components of TPFDF to increase the performance of this widely utilized application development tool.

Community Service
ISI offers one day courses at no cost to the customer. These courses are part of a community service program in response to the economic conditions following the Gulf War.

The ISI Challenge
Take the ISI challenge. Phone or write for our course descriptions and sample student materials. Compare our outlines with the knowledge levels of personnel in your department. Review our student materials for completeness and quality. Call about our community service program.

ISI offers five TPFDF courses, three C language courses and three TPF/XA Systems and Coverage programming courses. To schedule training or to obtain additional information, contact our office at (918) 665-5107 or send a facsimile to (918) 622-1234.

Matthew Yeager is president of ISI and has 19 years of ACP/TPF experience.