Interface Design Group

Terry Moore in Tulsa reports that visitors flooded the IDG hospitality suite at the TPF User's Group Conference in Atlanta. IDG's 2000 square foot display area allowed for a very powerful demonstration of its state of the art console management and automated operations products: SuperVision 3, REXX and MOTO. By piping their Host Simulator software around a LAN via their IDG9240, it was as though IDG had brought its own TPF system to Atlanta.

Assisted by several American Airlines employees, IDG's demonstration of MOTO, enhanced by its living icons and extensive search and browse facilities proved an even bigger success than anticipated. Moore reports that requests for on-site demonstrations have overwhelmed the Tulsa, Oklahoma office since the Atlanta conference.

It was also announced that SuperVision VM upload capability is now ready for installation at many customer sites. This feature eliminates the slower transfer of console log information from floppy disk to VM for archiving purposes. Console log information can now be uploaded to VM via SuperVision 3 REXX automatically at the user's discretion. Additionally, a representative from STK Corporation was on-hand at IDG's hospitality suite discussing current plans to interface TPF with the Storage Technology Tape Silo, via SuperVision 3.

For additional information on IDG's product line contact: Terry Moore directly at (918) 234-9200, or by fax at (918) 234-0608.