News Flash
by Bill Supon, TPF Systems Customer Service

For the past seven years, "Danbury" has become synonymous in the TPF world to mean the TPF Development Lab. You are welcome to continue to call us "Danbury", but don't look for us there. We have relocated our lab to Poughkeepsie, New York. There are no changes to our services or organization as a result of the move. Phone numbers and addresses have changed but electronic mail addresses have not changed.

In a related topic, TPF/MVS users might be interested to know that the TPF/MVS development organization has also relocated, from Brentford to Bedfont Lakes, both in the UK. There are no changes to the TPF/MVS services or organization either.

Please check with your IBM representative before mailing any package to us for the appropriate mail drop, but the general address is:

IBM Corporation
Building 416
South Road, P.O.Box 950
Poughkeepsie, New York 12602