Just Follow The Instructions

There comes a time in a person's life where the banner must be raised up high against overwhelming odds. The chains of resistance must be thrown off, and the challenge must be faced and met with determination. (Wouldn't it be neat if the Battle Hymn of the Republic was playing in the background?) When the resolution of a people has been awakened, there can be only one outcome..... accomplishment, success, victory!

When you consider these words my friends, I want you to associate them with our current inductee to the Instruction Hall Of Fame. It is with great pleasure that we honor the individual who will be responsible for filling at least 5 pages for us in the next few issues of ACP/TPF Today. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you

Mark Boonie (IBM Danbury)

and just a small sampling of 200+ Instructions he has submitted.

AAC - Alter All Commands

AAD - Alter All Data

ABR - Add Beyond Range

AFHB - Align Fullword on Halfword Boundary

AG - Add Garbage

AIB - Attack Innocent Bystander

AMM - Answer My Mail

AWTT - Assemble with Tinker Toys

BAC - Branch to Alpha Centauri

BAF - Blow All Fuses

BB - Branch on Bug

BBI - Branch on Burned-out Indicator

BBLB - Branch on Blinking Light Bulb

BCIL - Branch Creating Infinite Loop

BDM - Branch and Disconnect Memory

BDT - Burn Data Tree

BFS - Belch Fire and Smoke

BH - Branch and Hang

BM - Branch on Maybe

BMI - Branch on Missing Index

BNA - Branch to Nonexistent Address

BNR - Branch for No Reason

BPO - Branch to Power Off

BRA - Branch to Anywhere

BRI - Branch Indefinitely

BRO - Branch to Oblivion

BRS - Branch to Random Subroutine

BSM - Branch and Scramble Memory

CAI - Corrupt Accounting Information

CAIL - Crash After I Leave

CBA - Compare and Branch Anyway

CC - Call Cavalry

CCB - Consult Crystal Ball

CCD - Clear Current Directory

CCR - Change Channels at Random

CCS - Chinese Character Set

CCWR - Change Color of Write Ring

CFS - Corrupt File Structure

CIB - Change Important Byte

CIMM - Create Imaginary Memory Map

CNIO - Crash on Next I/O

COS - Copy Object code to Source File

CRASH - Continue Running After Stop or Halt

CRM - Clear Random Memory

CVFL - Convert Floating to Logical

CVFP - Convert Fortran to Pascal

CVG - Convert to Garbage