Large Scale SNMP Enterprise Management via Web Browsers

DDRI, Diversified Data Resources, Inc., a leader in mission critical enterprise automation, announces its new ACE-SNMP Network Management System, an advanced Web based Network Manager and suite of Web based SNMP extensible agents for Windows-NT and Unix platforms.

ACE-SNMP provides network monitoring and management functions, including object alarming, event management and correlation, e-mail / alphanumeric page notifications, trend monitoring, network map creation, and a suite of powerful Web Based interactive tools. ACE-SNMP is a comprehensive solution containing more than 100 different applications and screens.

In addition to ACE-SNMP, DDRI concurrently announces its ACE-ExAgent product line, a suite of Web Based extensible SNMP agents for Unix and NT platforms. These agents allow users to define MIB objects, or plug-in new SNMP functionality. Like ACE-SNMP, ACE-ExAgent provides Web based interface (in addition to its SNMP server interface) to allow real-time inspection of data, and remote agent setup and configuration. ACE-ExAgent works with ACE-SNMP, or other third party SNMP management systems. Plug-ins to the ACE-ExAgent includes DDRI's System Application Agent, TPF Agent, User Agent, and System Executive Agent.

ACE-SNMP and ACE-ExAgent are unique scaleable solutions, intended for use in any size enterprise management applications, either as a stand-alone distributed systems, or as integral parts of a larger management strategy. These programs incorporate numerous innovative features, including total setup and operation via the Web using secure logins, automatic health reports, continuous network background test, network scanning functions, auto-discovery, MIB compiler, point & click alarm definition and a management data search engine.

In particular, ACE-SNMP is particularly well suited for remote network management over a private Intranet, or the public Internet. ACE-SNMP allows remote data is gathered at a location and shipped back to the user in aggregate with HTTP, avoiding high response latencies associated with client-side managers, and furnishing a high degree of security (with total security possible via optional encrypted HTTP).

ACE-SNMP provides an unlimited number of network management/monitoring seats, since all management tasks can be performed from any desktop with a Web browser. Given the power of ACE-SNMP, this makes the system a highly cost effective and scalable solution.

ACE-SNMP is based upon the popular (but open) SNMX program, a powerful command line executive, tailored for SNMP management. SNMX incorporates a versatile scripting language, which forms the basis of ACE-SNMP and ACE-ExAgent systems. SNMX has been available as an academic program for many years, and is currently in use at more than 10,000 sites worldwide. A commercial version of SNMX is now also available from DDRI, for in-house SNMP agent development or for OEM applications.

Diversified Data Resources is a privately owned company, providing enterprise management via its ACE Automated Console Expert system for MVS, VM, VSE, UNIX, Windows/NT and ACP/TPF environment for more than 12 years. DDRI is headquartered in Novato, California.