IBM Announces 3990 Storage Control Multi Path Cache RPQ

IBM has announced the 3990 Storage Control Multi Path Cache (MPRC) RPQ. New functions provided with this RPQ are:

TPF Version 3.1 PTF 18 supports the 3990 MPRC RPQ. TPF software for the MPRC RPQ consists of the Concurrency Filter Lock Facility (CFLF) and support for 3380 record format mode. TPF CFLF provides support for the Multi Pth Lock Facility (MPLF). All Limited Lock Facility (LLF) functions have comparable CFLF functions. TPF CFLF improves database integrity by using MPLF to prevent a deactivated loosely coupled processor from accessing the database. With LLF, operator intervention is required to ensure database integrity after deactivation of a processor in a loosely coupled complex. LLF and MPLF 3990 Storage Controls can be mixed in the same TPF complex.

VM/ESA Release 2 (announced 6/16/92) will simulate the multi path locking architecture to provide a test environment for TPF loosely coupled applications. With multi path locking simulation, VM/ESA Release 2 allows TPF customers to test applications without requiring the Multi Path Record Cache hardware. The multi path locking simulation is a replacement for the Limited Lock Facility (LLF) simulation under VM/ESA PRPQ P04047 (#5799-EGW).