Ends dependence on non-mainstream hardware; provides "lights out" automated operation; to support TPF, VM and MVS operating systems.

NOVATO, Calif. Aug. 15,1991 - Diversified Data Resources, Inc., (DDR) a prominent vendor in the TPF environment for many years, has acquired TPFxpert, an automated console management software product utilizing "expert" technology and renamed it Automated Console Expert (ACE), it was announced here today by Joseph Dobkowski, president of DDR.

"Our corporate goals are to align ourselves philosophically with IBM and to acquire unique products that easily fit within the IBM environment," said Dobkowski. "IBM's recent announcements about communications with tightly-coupled hosts drove us to seek a console management software package that would run on standardized IBM hardware, giving TPF users seamless integration into the VM and MVS environments with one console interface to multiple hosts," he added.

DDR's search turned up TPFxpert, developed by Luiz Mello, of Microidea Research. Mello has developed software for the TPF environment for more than ten years. TPFxpert is running successfully at several TPF sites worldwide. He concurred with DDR that a product able to serve multiple hosts and operating systems from a single IBM standardized PS/2 console would best meet the expanding needs of the TPF community.

"While DDR was seeking a product to fulfill its vision of the market, I was seeking a company to introduce TPFxpert to a wider audience," said Mello. "We agreed about the need for a product like TPFxpert in the marketplace, but my forte is product development, not sales, marketing and customer support. I had purposefully restrained sales because of my inability to properly support too many customers. DDR is an established, respected company with resources to support both product and customer. Together, we can expand the use of my software into related IBM operating systems such as VM and MVS exploiting its ability to serve multiple environments," said Mello. The product's versatility is what prompted DDR to rename it ACE, for Automated Console Expert.

"We felt the previous name would peg the product solely to TPF and the console, when it more than simply responds to and manually controls the prime console," said Dobkowski. "ACE combines console management and automated operations management in one product, and, as a bonus, adds expert system capabilities."

Users gain several advantages from ACE's ability to run on any IBM or plug-compatible PS/2 computer. No special boards, cables, controllers, communications software or microcode must be purchased or changed when the software is upgraded. Users thus eliminate dependence on non-mainstream proprietary hardware and proprietary microcode as well as associated maintenance costs.

ACE brings true "lights out" automated operations to console management activities. Other systems require an operator to be present at all times. Users can program and implement expert system rules in the ACE data base; consequently, the need for operator intervention can be greatly reduced.

Mello added that ACE will eliminate system downtime because users can tell it in advance how to react to normal or catastrophic situations. Programs are written via a high-level Expert System Procedural language (XPROC), which utilizes ACE's powerful data base capabilities. Users can access ACE via remote consoles, with complete support for system level security and dial back.

ACE also features a built-in voice synthesis capability that will result in fewer system failures by automating message response and notification facilities.

George Faucher, executive vice president of sales and marketing for DDR stated, "I have provided solutions for the ACP/TPF market for years and this product is the hottest thing I've come across. I'm certain users will be as excited as I am when they see ACE."

Privately owned, Diversified Data Resources has provided solutions to the ACP/TPF industry for more than ten years. DDR is headquartered in Novato, Calif., with offices in Washington, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

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