It Can Be Sweet, Or Just Plain Nuts

Well kids, the old year is gone, and the new one has just started. Ninety-seven had it's share of ups-and-downs, and I'm sure we all had our moments of glory along with those which we've chosen not to dwell on. But let's face it, life as the illustrious Mr. Gump says, is like a box of chocolates. You really don't know what you're getting until you take that first bite.

The challenges we all face every day are effectively what keep us going. The obstacles, and the risks are the very elements that shape our personalities, and provide the spark of unique individuality that we all have. In the broad scheme of things, it all boils down to two simple choices. It's “yes”, or it's “no”. One question, one decision, and one result. In most cases, we exercise the option based on knowledge, experience, and instinct, with something to be gained in either event. If we choose wisely, we benefit from the immediate success of our efforts. If we choose poorly, the ramifications may be unpleasant, but they're usually not fatal and we still benefit from the experience of failure because we all hopefully learn from our mistakes. So with our resolutions firm in hand, let's stare 1998 square in the eye, and make this year count in as many ways as possible.

From a personal perspective, 1998 will be a year of great change. First off, I'm doing something I honestly thought I would never do again… I'm making a career move. After 5+ years at Federal Express, I will be joining EMC Corporation, providing software technical support to EMC's TPF customers. Next, my youngest child will be heading off to college, leaving the nest (and my wallet) somewhat empty. In the fall, my wife and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary together, and finally, we're planning a radical change with the publication of ACPTPF Today.

By time most of you read this, we'll have opened up our Archive files on our Web server. As a subscriber to ACPTPF Today, you will have Internet access to every article, press release, and editorial we've published since our first issue in 1990 - including our current issue. With the incredible growth of the Internet, and the need for timely, up-to-date information becoming more of a requirement than a convenience, our intention is to move exclusive publication of ACPTPF Today to the Web by the end of 1998. And everyone will benefit from the move.

As a subscriber, you'll have unlimited access to what we anticipate will be the premier Website for TPF information. If what you're looking for isn't on our server, we'll have hot links to the servers that do have what you're looking for. If you want a hardcopy of an article, you'll be able to download it or print it right from your PC. If breaking news or critical announcements come “across the wire”, they'll be posted on the server immediately… no more waiting for the next issue to show up in the mail. And that holds true for career opportunities as well. As technicians you'll have up-to-date information on Career Corner, and recruiters won't be restricted to bi-monthly publication cycles. Changes to Education offerings, timely Press Releases and product announcements, and an expanded Discussion Forum are all on our list of objectives for ACPTPF Today Online. And since our production costs will be reduced, we plan on passing some of those savings on to our subscribers and our advertisers as well!

Are we nervous about moving to the Web? Sure we are, but we believe that it's the smart move for us and our customers. We were pretty nervous when we started this thing back in 1990, and we've been blessed for seven years with a growing readership and unbelievable support from the vendor community. We're certainly going to give it the best shot we can! If any of you have comments, suggestions, or ideas on the Website, please drop us an email at and we'll add them to our list.

As for the rest of 1998, I would be remiss if I didn't offer a few recommendations of my own:

  1. Spend more time with your family!
  2. Have your doctor give you a complete physical examination.
  3. If you haven't already, be sure to see “Titanic”.
  4. Read anything written by Clive Cussler or Terry Brooks.
  5. Increase your retirement savings contribution.
  6. Learn at least one new thing every day.
  7. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Alan Sadowsky