Where Do I Find…
by Katie Milhaven, IBM TPF ID Core Team

This is a question that users frequently ask when they look in the TPF 4.1 library for specific information.

Hope is on the way! The TPF Information Development (ID) core team has been revising the indexes of some TPF 4.1 publications to improve the consistency and usability of our information, and to help you find what you need. In addition, we have been performing pilot studies with some users of our indexes to help identify potential pitfalls.

How can you find the information that you need in the TPF library? You might try either of the following:

Use the Master Index in the TPF Library Guide with Master Index and Glossary. This is a composite of all the indexes in the TPF 4.1 library. We know that it is not perfect but, with your help, we are working to improve it.

If you have softcopy publications, scan the publications for all the occurrences of the term that you need.

If you do not find the information that you need in the hardcopy index or in softcopy, use the Readers' Comments form at the back of each publication or softcopy information unit to let us know how we can make improvements.