Enhanced ALC/IPARS Data Communication Unit Provides Long-Awaited Feature to Airline Industry.

August 1, 1991, Copenhagen, Denmark

CR SYSTEMS, a Danish high-tech company which designs data communications and network systems for the airline business, today announced the addition of a significant new feature to their CRSN/AX communications unit. Originally introduced in 1990, the CRSN/AX combines - within the same unit - the functionality of an ALC/IPARS Data Communications Concentrator with an X.25 PAD.

The new feature enables ALC/IPARS and SNA/SDLC devices to share the same communications link. "This important feature", says Mogens B. Jacobsen, marketing director at CR SYSTEMS, "has long been requested by the airline data communications industry".

Since one line - either a leased line or an X.25 network - can now be used for both ALC and SNA/SDLC devices, the CRSN/AX unit provides real cost reduction as well as significant reduction in the complexity of airline corporate networks.

In addition, response time is greatly improved due to local polling of both ALC and SNA/SDLC devices.

"The price of CRSN/AX per port is very competitive for the industry", reports Jacobsen. "The unit will mean significant cost reductions and increased reliability for the airline industry when it comes to operating corporate data communications".

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