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Alan Sadowsky, Editor Alan Sadowsky has been Editor-in-Chief of ACPTPF Today since publication of its first issue in July of 1990, to its close in 2005. Alan has over 31 years of background and experience in ACPTPF, holding both management and non-management positions with several fortune 500 companies. A "veteran" of airline, banking, financial, railroad and hotel TPF installations, his credentials include Operations, Applications Development, Database Management, Coverage Programming, Systems Installation and Maintenance, Training, and Console Automation.

Please contact Alan at: tpftoday@cox.net


Morry Veer, Archivist Morry Veer is the archivist for ACP TPF Today and has been a fan of the magazine since discovering it in 1995. He has donated a portion of his website to maintaining a permanent online presence for ACP TPF Today. Morry has over 16 years experience in TPF, and has worked in Canada, America and Switzerland in Airline, CRS and Financial installations as both an employee and a contractor. His hobbies include tinkering with non-TPF technologies such as HTML, CSS, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, VisualBasic, REXX and XML.

please contact Morry at tpftoday_archiver@theveers.com, or at the following links:
personal contact page at http://www.theveers.com/contact_us.html
Linked-in http://www.linkedin.com/in/MorryVeer

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